Emirates2 Emirates USCellular

Crossroads of History : History Channel Series Composer & Arranger

Emirates Airlines : Sonic Branding

US Cellular : Commercial

Picture41a1 Emirates1 Picture41a1a

Euphoria: Experimental Fashion Film

Flydubai: Sonic Branding

Burt's Bees: Commercial

Emirates1b Emirates1a Mahindra

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics : Documentary

Prenup to Murder, BIO Channel: Main Titles Theme

Mahindra : Commercial


Music Placements
TV, Radio and Digital Media

November 2021: Christian's music continues to be heard across the airwaves in numerous shows and programs, on such networks as TLC, HBO, Animal Planet, Disney Plus, Hulu, and countless performances worldwide.

Sonic Branding Finalist

July 2020: Christian's soncic branding work for Flydubai has been recongnized by the 2020 Music+Sound Awards, as a finalist in the original composition for advertising music category.

Sonic Branding

June 2019: Christian is creating the sonic branding for the UAE airline Flydubai. Short exceprts of the branding music have been released for Flydubai's 10-year anniversary, with more music to come in 2019. Watch (and hear) Flydubai's manifesto film here! This is Christian's second airline branding project. Prior to Flydubai, Christian created the coporate sonic for Emirates Airilne.

Short Film

February 2019: Second collaboration with director Devi Brule, this time composing the original score for a suspence film. Music samples comsing soon!

First Class

August 2018: Emirates releases a new digital spot for it's First Class flying experience featuring their corporate theme music composed by Christian Saglie. Whatch it here!

Commercial Completed

May 2017: Ad campaign for Burt's Bees airing digitally on mobile app platforms, including the world's largest creative platform Musical.ly. Watch it here!

Score Completed

March 2017: Score completed for "Myth," a suspense drama surounding the discovery of a sasquatch and the unfolding aftermath. Score coming soon!

"Crossroads of History"
Series Composer

March 2016: Christian is the series composer for History Channel's historical comedy show, "Crossroads of History." Produced in conjunction with Maker Studios and Trium Entertainment, the show's talented cast includes Jack McBrayer, Paul Scheer, Lou Diamond Phillips, Brian Baumgartner, and Angela Kinsey.

Emirates "Selfie Song"
Emirates Airline Theme Music

February 2015: Due to the global success and popularity of the
Emirates Arline theme music, created by Christian in 2012, Emirates has launched a worldwide social media campaign surrounding the music. The Emirates Selfie Song Challenge: Fans are asked to post a Selfie Video of themeselves performing the Emirate's tune, for a chance to win 2 tickets to any Emirate's destination in the world.

TV News
Various Placements

December 2014: Christian's original music has earned numerous placements in TV programming airing on such networks as Discovery, Bravo, Biography, Lifetime, TLC and more.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Raising an Olympian

February 2014: Christian's music can be heard across numerous documentaries presented by Proctor & Gamble for the
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Titled "Raising an Olympian", the series is part of an award winning campaign that celebrates the mothers of Olympic athletes competing at Sochi.

Music for E-books

June 2013
: Christian has provided music for the cutting edge ebook publisher
Booktrack. Booktrack synchs cinematic music scores while you read your favorite ebooks. Samples with Christian's music coming soon!

"Prenup to Murder"

BIO Channel
Main Titles Theme

March 2013
: Premiering March 19! Christian composed the main titles theme music for a new BIO Channel series, "
Prenup to Murder." Currently airing on the BIO Channel.

Global Music Award

March 2013: Christian has been honored with a Global Music Award for his Emirates Airlines brand theme. Awarded for "most inspiration/motivational" work.

Biography Channel
Main Titles Theme

January 2013
: Christian has composed the main titles theme music for a new television show
produced exclusively for The Biography Channel. Expected to air in 2013, stay tuned for details and music samples!

Olympic Games 2012
Team Mom

August 2012
: Proudly announcing, Chirstian's music can be heard in a number of mini documentaries produced by Yahoo! and Proctor & Gamble as part of the "Team Mom" campaign for the London Olympics. The docs focus on the mother's of Olympic athletes and will air throughout the year on Yahoo!

Emirates Harmony
Interactive Music Campaign

June 2012
: Emirates Airlines is using their new
brand theme, composed by Christian Saglie, as the centerpiece of a groundbreaking interactive music campaign that invites people from around the world to create their own variation of the music. Visit www.emiratesharmony.com and experience it for yourself!

1st Place: Student Emmy
Doctor's Ride" wins!

April 2012
: "
A Doctor's Ride", (dir. Julio Ramos) wins top honor at the 2012 student Emmy Awards. This short drama, filmed in Peru, is Christian's second collaboration as music composer with the award winning director.

Emirates Airlines
Sonic branding under way!

uary 2012
: Christian is currently composing the brand theme/corporate sonic for
Emirates Airlines as part of the airline's latest global ad campaign, "Hello Tomorrow." Music is being created for TV and Radio ads, aircraft boarding music, on-hold music, internet, mobile apps, and various intercorporate uses. Emirates is one of the largest and fastest growing airlines, with destinations across the globe.

Film score completed!

October 2011: Completed a suspense/thriller score for the short film "
Henry," with cello solos performed by the fantastic cellist Daniel Grab! (Dir. James Webber, Tim Becker). Touring flim festivals now!

US Cellular
TV commercial completed!

August 2011
: Composed music for a recent US Cellular television commercial. Check it out